EC Advantage

EC Advantage

TO OUR SERVICE PARTNERS, ECMD's perspective about its customers and, in turn, their customers, is that we all work together to serve the end-user of our products. It not only takes great products to meet the demands of today's consumers, but it also takes great service. That is why we like to refer to our customers as "service partners" because it takes all of us to provide exceptional service.

As partners in business, we share common values about quality, service,

honesty and reliability

. Today, ECMD represents a new generation of craftsmanship stemming from the values and traditions of our own Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

That hard-earned reputation links a rich heritage of sweat, sacrifice and commitment with today's latest advances in manufacturing and design technology. Using precision equipment, advanced manufacturing techniques, skilled craftsmen and computer technicians, we are able to deliver a System For Success to all partners in our service community - that's our unique promise of value to you.

For over 30 years, ECMD has been embracing the necessary changes within our industry and economy to not only survive but to add continued value within the supply chain. This drive for continuous change allows us to always look for change…always looking for ways to improve.

In this new millennium, we look to the future and remember our past. Our heritage is grounded in tradition and continues forward with time-honored craftsmanship. We realize that you, our service partners, are the keys to our future success. Thank you for your partnership with us.